A strong loyalty and rewards program is a great way to engage your customers and build lasting relationships that increase your revenue.

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Customized Solutions

Our loyalty solution is tailored to your business and its needs, ensuring that you can meet your unique goals.

Flexible Solutions

Our loyalty programs can operate on the same cards as a gift or stored-value program, or as an entirely separate offering.

In-Depth Reporting

Enhanced visibility into customer buying habits gives you better insight for targeted marketing campaigns.

Loyalty Features


Offer a flexible method for merchants to build loyalty while gaining insights into buyer behavior. Points programs can increase the average number of visits and amount spent.

Frequency Discounts & Rebates

Customers can access immediate or future rewards when they present their cards at the time of sale. The program can be customized to your unique eligibility requirements.

increase to average profit per customer by enrolling 5% more customers in your loyalty program.

Source: The Loyalty Effect